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My Adult Sister Took Our Mom Away I Was Financially Dependent

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Well if you are an adult and dependent on your Mother, then your sister was probably tired of you spending all your Mother’s money so she shut you down. So it sounds like you need to get yourself together and get a job and a place to live. Start by going to the unemployment office and filling out an application and get a job and maybe you can get section 8 housing. Learn to be an adult and quit expecting your Mother to take care of you

She cannot do this – Some of the comments are very mean and sad. THERE might be a medical reason an adult child is financially dependent on her mother

One mum's terrifying descent into homelessness·

There “might be” a Leprechaun in my pocket, but like this situation, PROBABLY not


Oh I don’t know. I had a brother who was financially dependent as an adult. As an adult he was a sweet, quirky, wonderful person, an absolutely stellar uncle, son and brother—but had had health and emotional “issues” from birth. There is of course LOTS more detail, but—our parents (who could afford it) simply decided to help him out so. That help was a blessing to him, and he was a blessing to the rest of us. (He died of cancer about age 50.) In our case no one was resentful, and we all believed that without that support he’d have wound up under some bridge, and we did not want that. We know nothing about this writer’s story, but I do so hope things work out okay!

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That’s hysterical..I am now checking all pockets!!

Roz Hyman

I’m waiting to find out. Let us know

Your sister can’t close YOUR bank account. If your name was joint on your mother’s account, she can’t do that either.

Actually she can. My MIL added me to her bank account so that I could pay her bills and sign checks. My husband has 3 brothers who stirred a lot of crap up, and took money out of her account. I didn’t want to be responsible for bounced checks etc, so I closed out the account, without her knowledge. Initially, I just wanted to remove myself from the account, but after talking to the bank, they told me the best thing to do was to close out the account, so that’s what I did. Weird that you can close the account but can’t just take your name off of it!

Kali Tinsley
You weren’t legally on the account, you are an authorized person. That’s two separate things. And authorized person means that you can write bills and take money out the account without having to constantly have that person with you to vouch for you. But actually being on the account they cannot close it without you know about being notified first because they don’t know if you have direct deposit. You have the decision to keep the account and the main person takes himself off or you close it with them. I know because I’ve been through this I could not close my account because I had someone else on there. I had to have my boyfriend come down and take himself off the account so I can close it so I could open up an account at a different bank.

If it was a joint bank account and the sister had power of attorney, yes acting on behalf of the mother through the POA she can close the bank account. That’s the danger of having a joint bank account. Especially dangerous when the joint bank account is with someone other than your spouse.