Mahogany Cogito Panther

What is the biggest lesson that life has taught you?

Teeth Whitening 4 You
  1. Never tell people 100%, tell them 70% about yourself, and 30% should be hidden.
  2. Take care of your health.
  3. Good things don’t come easy.
  4. If you don’t clear your misunderstandings in time, they become the reason for distance forever.
  5. Don’t have expectations for others that you yourself can’t fulfill.
  6. Before you judge or criticize others, take a good look at yourself.
  7. True heroes are humble.
  8. Things can change in just a day.
  9. Your reputation is all you have.
  10. Fairness is unnatural. Nothing is 100% fair.
  11. Respect yourself, because people can see if you don’t.
  12. It’s impossible to please everyone. So, better be someone of your own thoughts than being a people pleaser.
  13. And lastly, cherish all the good people you have in your life.