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An Elephant Can Toss A Hippopotamus With It’s Trunk Alone

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What animal is stronger than it looks?

Someone already mentioned leopard, and it is true — a leopard can climb a tree while holding in its jaws a prey heavier than it is. But most people expect such strength from big cats. Here is a more surprising answer:

An elephant.

What, you say? Of course elephants are strong! They are huge, and just looking at one makes it obvious how strong they are!

But looks are deceiving. An elephant is much stronger than it looks.

Here is a cow elephant tossing a 500 kg buffalo into air. With her neck muscles.

This elephant looks like she is about 4 tons. So this is an equivalent of a 200 lb human picking up a 25 lb weight with his teeth, then tossing it several feet upward with nothing but a neck flick.

I don’t recommend that you try.

Edited: Initially I thought the elephant was male