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Teeth Whitening 4 You
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Sometimes some of us know very well Most of what is called Our Weakness and We know that it is such that are holding us from attaining that which We proclaim sometimes to others, but if maybe Your partner Brother, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Parent etc shows You that often Many offer excuses and justifications of why One does what One does, when One really is attached to what they refuse to let go or to use a word that is commonly used in Our Times, One really Loves that and don’t want to let such go

Some of these things One hold on to even when One is shown their Dangers are actually in a Realm of what is called Negative, Unholy, Evil and even Destructive, but One ignores it All because no matter how Evil such is, Yes at the core such says I Love it with All My Heart, with All My Soul, this( these) Enemy or Enemies that are destructive to Your Life, because of Love You have turned a Blind Eye to them after All as they say Love blinds sometimes, and because such provide pleasure and comfort, You refuse to let it (them) go
You are not Truly seeking what You keep saying You seek but You are seeking Your Addictions
If change must happen, it will take Your Own Effort to Confront and Let Go, if not then forever shall You remain stuck making excuses and justifications of Your failure to Rise, this Post is not just for You but for Me as well, Leseli Bana ba Leseli, Qamako