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Does Life Really Matter?

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My name is Lyne from Uganda.

My mum got pregnant of me when she was still a student, the boyfriend; after hearing the news, ran away. When mom gave birth to me, after the first 4-days of my life, she left me and went her own way. I grew up with other people, different faces, but i never knew any of my parents until i was 16.

It’s not that they looked for me, no. I did. I thought life would be better by living with them. I got mam.first, stayed with her for a day but she had already remarried and had other kids and family to take care of, just to say,, i was not in her budget, not even her mind. I tried asking who my dad was but she did not disclose to me.

As you know villagers of cource they would talk and i could hear them say about a man who might be my dad. So, the lobe of my parents pushed me to look for him and this was around my 18th. He had a wife and 3 beautiful children and thank God he was well of… Had a job, and a car, and a good house.

Unfortunately, the wife saw everything upside down, and had to push me away. I went back to the village to my grandma maternal,, but remember in the act of looking for my parents, i had run away from them, so when it dint go well as expected, i had to come back to them and they also pushed me away, (i think since my dad had failed the future of their daughter they had anger against him which they transferred to me?

Am. Now 30years but seriously i have failed to settle my mind, i look for jobs, i work but sometimes i feel like why am i even working? What if i die now, where will they even bury me? And who will even bury me.

Seriously i get stuck, am always confused and i have no intimate friend by my side because i feel low. I don’t think i can be with people because they will bring stories of like, how about your dad, your mam, bytheway what’s your tribe, hmmm a lot, so to avoid explaining i have to just keep away from. People. I think life should just end.