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Why Shouldn’t kids Watch Adult Stuff?

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I am the best person to answer this as I have been carrying this trauma my entire life and if you have a kid at home, please read the answer till end. I don’t care about upvotes and views, if this can change one kid’s life, I can consider my life successful.

It was when I was around eight years old. One afternoon my Dad was at work and my mom was sleeping. I was playing around all by myself as my siblings had afternoon shift for school while I had morning shift. Feeling bored, I turned on the TV and an old Indian movie starring Sanjeev Kumar and Vidya Sinha “Tumhare Liye” was on.

Those who watched this movie might know how dark this movie is. This movie is about reincarnation. Characters of the movie remember their past life multiple times. They not only long for their loved one from past life, they cry, they mourn for them in the movie.

I watched this entire movie in disbelief and pain. I thought of every single person known to me and realised that they would be gone one day. Imagine, an eight year old who hasn’t (and couldn’t ) lived without her parents for a single day worrying about them in such an extreme way. I cried for hours like anything. My childhood wasn’t same. My innocence wasn’t same. My sense of security was gone and I felt so many emotions which my mind wasn’t ready for.

That evening I asked my Mom about reincarnation and asked how can I find her in my next birth. My mother always treated me more as a friend than daughter. Instead of explaining me that this all is baseless and shouldn’t worry me, she told me that I won’t remember anybody after this life as there is a ritual known as ‘Kapal Kriya’ during which memories are taken out of the head before cremation. It made the matter worse. It added to my trauma. Since that day, I became overly sensitive about everybody around me. Growing up, I realised that watching that one movie has affected all my decision for my entire life. Since then, I plead parents around me to regulate what kids can watch. It should not necessarily be porn, horror movies or explicit scenes that affect them, anything for which their mind is not ready yet is going to leave a lifelong impact in that impressionable age.