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Should A Girl Under 16 Wear A Micro Bikini?

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This would be ok?

Should a 14-15-year-old be wearing revealing bikinis?

Love seeing how guys react when they see my daughter in a bikini

Should a 14-15-year-old be wearing revealing bikinis?

No. Do not worry about what someone did “when they where that age” as most likely they didn’t have rampant social media sexualizing young girls to grown men. There is nothing sexy about being a pick-me girl, and people can go on all day long about your body your choice but as someone with family members that where r@ped because men had a sense of entitlement because of how someone dressed, I’d say at that age you are still a CHILD and should dress sensible. Men aren’t afraid of the law and know if something happens they will most likely get away with it. Is a 14yr old mature enough mentally to handle the consequences for the rest of their life because of something happening because they dressed a certain way and some dude took it as a sign? It’s easy for someone else to say they can dress revealing and shouldn’t have to worry (and you “shouldn’t”) but it’s 2023 and the reality is, you should know better.

The people that don’t care will be the first to point fingers at a girl and say “but look how she was dressed, she asked for it”. You don’t have to dress like a nun, but use common sense. There are lots of sensible and stylish bikini options, why does it have to be revealing? As for the parents on this thread not caring, wait until it’s your child that is victimized and you have to help them through court, mental health emergencies and so on because you didn’t care what they wore and someone took advantage of them. I really don’t care how my answer is interpreted, we are living this nightmare.

People think this is ok for a girl 15 or younger?

Surely not?

Yes, but only if it is in the rules of the place they are going and if they choose for it.

Our teenage daughters prefer to go with friends (m/f) to the public naturist beaches where they can be naked all day long. Sometimes they go to a public textile beach or textile swimming pool, They bought a string bikini who is a little sheer and covering a little more than the vulva, lips and clitoris for the textile swimming pool. The bikini for the textile beach is called an micro bikini (that was written on the shelf). In my opinion it is more a rope than a bikini. The only little visible parts of the fabric are the ropes over the hips and belly and the triangle fabric that is covering the clitoris and the top of the vulva.

Of course, they all make sure that they are good shaved and that their bikini bottom is not covering anything more than that what is written on the rules of the place they are going.