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My mother in law is 83 years old, alert and extremely difficult. She complains about everything. She loves to stir drama between the family. She wants to move in because she can’t live alone and doesn’t want to be in a nursing home. What should I do?

And what if your 83-year-old mother-in-law decides she is going to live another 10 to 15 years more, your end of life could be totally ruined. Sorry honey, the old woman has to go!!! You start looking for a nursing home anyway, and you put her in it whether she wants to go or not. You must look her straight in the face and tell her that she isn’t coming to live with you, and you leave it at that. This scenario plays itself out every single day, and by the time a parent is nursing home age, their children are also nearing old age. My mother-in-law also didn’t want to go into a senior’s home, nor did she want to have a live-in companion, she wanted to live in her own condominium, and have her meals brought to her by DoorDash or Skip-the-dishes, or something, because she didn’t want to cook, or load the dishwasher. Well one day she fell in the bathroom, and she layed on the bathroom floor for 3-days, wallowing in her own feces and urine. She was taken to the hospital and placed in palliative care, and they would not release her until proper living arrangements were in place. Mother-in-law went into a high-end senior’s home, and that was that. Just consider this… Once you get the old woman into a care home, you will not have to concern yourself with her wellbeing ever again, your spouse can do the visiting. And don’t think for a minute she will be lonely, there are plenty of other people in the home for her to talk to, unless she chooses not to be sociable. Caring for any senior is a major undertaking. Ignore all those nasty comments others are leaving me. Most of them haven’t had to adjust to caring for an aging family member.How To Choose the Right Senior Care: A Guide for Families