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The Gantt Report – Who Are The Real Criminals?

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By Lucius Gantt

 US President Joe Biden has described Russian President Valdimir Putin as a “war criminal” after Russia invaded Ukraine and launched missiles, air strikes and cluster bombs into civilian areas that killed more women, children and babies than Ukrainian soldiers.

     Russian military tactics are nothing new. Tactics used in Ukraine were used in Syria, Afghanistan and other places to divide, decimate and destroy.

     In America, if you have the right skin color, you can get away with killings too.

     How many more unarmed Black, Hispanic and other people of color will be executed by racist law enforcers after being pulled over for minor, and alleged, traffic violations before politicians label biased cops as “criminals”?

     Don’t hold your breath. It’s better to hold your nose because disparate treatment of whites and non-whites in America’s judicial system stinks!

     When will the Donald Trump supporters that tried to overturn election results, and kill “democracy” at the same time, be charged, arrested, prosecuted and jailed?

     Republicans in GOP controlled legislatures across the country are pretending to protect voting irregularities by suppressing Black, Hispanic and minority votes.

     Courtroom judges seem to agree with me and continue to charge more Republicans in America with voter irregularities, voter misconduct and vote crimes like registering in multiple states, harvesting, changing, or destroying absentee ballots, and lying about campaign contributions and expenses.

     It’s no secret that the majority of insurrectionists that swarmed the United States capitol in a failed effort to overturn the election that was clearly lost by the Russian Babayka, Donald Trump, were law violating Republican voters.

     Well, no more than a few Republicans have been arrested, convicted and given small sentences trying to foil the peaceful transition of power in the United States while also trying to destroy Democracy in America and throughout the world.

     As you’re reading this column, one Black woman in America is facing six years in prison for trying to register to vote. Pamela Moses, Crystal Mason and Hervis Rogers all have faced lengthy jail sentences for making honest mistakes about their voting eligibility.

     I don’t have problems with criminals being jailed. However, Trump’s former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, reportedly violated election laws by choosing to register to vote in two separate and different states.

     Is Meadows free to violate election laws and continue to escape jail time merely because he has pale skin color while Blacks that made voting mistakes are carted off to cell block D?

     No! At least, he shouldn’t be. No one should be above the voting laws or any other law!

     Until the basic voting rights, equal rights and equal justice are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race, there will always be conflict and confrontation in American politics and elections.

    Who are the real criminals?