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Learn To Drive Responsibility With a Focused Purpose

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My older sister died in this wreck. Her name was Pamela, and she lived in San Antonio texas. I was a professional driver for 18 years, and I drove over 1.8 million miles. I stopped at over 20 accidents, and everyone of them was dead. They were doing stupid shit behind the wheel, like my sister, she was high on drugs. My older sister was burnt so bad, they had to use DNA to identify her. 😭😭😭😭😭

Don’t do stupid shit behind the wheel, your focus needs to be on the road ahead. I’ve seen people reading a book, typing on laptop, and even masturbating while driving. Do you really want to end your life doing stupid shit behind the wheel, and never drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Always do the speed limit, slow down when there’s rain or snow. An absolutely, absolutely do not touch your phone while you’re driving. Texting on the phone, is the biggest killer on the highways, second only to drunk driving. Do you want to die, or kill someone else because of that text?