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Law And Order With Tenant

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Current tenant threw away my packed boxes 8 days after my lease ended. They said they didn’t know whose boxes were left in the garage and they reported this to the landlord to have a garbage truck collect my stuff. Who is responsible for my loss?

Ultimately, you are responsible. You left your stuff behind.

HOWEVER… laws on abandoned property in a rental unit vary WIDELY by jurisdiction, so you’d need to check the laws where the property is located.

In some US states, like mine, the landlord MUST provide secure storage – at YOUR expense – for up to X days (usually 30–45) for any abandoned property. At the end of the X days, if the tenant doesn’t pay for the packing, transporting, and storage of the items, the landlord can dispose of them in any manner he chooses.

In other US states, the minute you left the landlord could put your abandoned property at the curb for the trash