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NYC Schools Being Emptied Of Students To Make Room For Migrant

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The following transcript is from the January 10, 2024 Brighteon Broadcast News episode by Mike Adams, featuring an interview with Dane Wigington from Geoengineering Watch, as well as Mike’s commentary about how NYC schools are being cleared of students to make room for the wave of illegals who are taking over.

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The following partial transcript is auto-generated. Please excuse the occasional errors.

Welcome to Brighteon broadcast news for Wednesday, January 10, 2020. For Mike Adams here and we’ve got a bombshell interview coming up with Dane Wigington, from geoengineering watch.

You know how we’ve talked about the illegal migrants coming into the United States as being replacements for you and I and the American people? Well, here’s the story out of the post millennial: Breaking New York City’s James Madison High School forces students out of class to house 2000 migrants amid winter weather.

This emergency move was accurately predicted by critics of the Floyd Bennett field as a location to be used as a migrant shelter. Here’s from the story nearly 2000 illegal immigrants that we’re being housed at a shelter in Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett field, are now being evacuated because of this arctic blast storm, sending them into James Madison High School. School buses are dropping off illegal migrants at the Madison High School in Brooklyn, and in fact the school is closing tomorrow and all 2000 students will be doing class virtually because they’ve been replaced by the illegals.

So I guess American kids no longer have the right to go to their own schools. The migrants have taken it over. City Hall spokeswoman Kala Malak has said, to be clear, this relocation is a proactive measure being taken out of an abundance of caution. I hate it when these bureaucrats use that term, an abundance of caution. That means they’re going to take away your rights somehow. Oh, you have to wear masks out of an abundance of caution. Right? That’s what they do. You need to be locked down. Why? Abundance of caution? You know, anytime they say abundance of caution, it’s a screw job from the government.

Anyway, this has been taken, she says out of an abundance of caution to ensure the safety and well being of individuals working and living at the center. Well, why not just have all these illegals take over all the private apartments across New York City out of an abundance of caution? Just drive up and down all the streets roads of New York City with a bullhorn and telling all the New York residents you must evacuate, the city has been taken over by migrants. So all these illegals are going to the James Madison High School, they’re going to occupy the gymnasium and the auditorium. The gymnasium. So they’re gonna get to play a little ball there. And they’ll be they’ll be safe from the storm.

What about the American people? What about the safety of the American people, and the fact that so many of these illegals coming in are military aged males that have, frankly, no intention of being Americans at all. Not all of them. But many are here to, you know, to steal, to commit crimes, to loot to get free goodies, free welfare free phones, free whatever handouts the government’s handing them. That’s why many of them are here. So of course, this problem is only going to get worse until we close the open border.

So let me get this straight. So anytime there’s a weather event, New York City school kids have to stay home and do schooling from home, which is not a very effective way for public schools to operate. Now, homeschooling works when it’s a homeschooling curriculum and homeschooling parents that are actively involved in homeschooling. But when you take public school, school kids and you make them go home, that doesn’t work at all, because their parents aren’t involved typically in in their schooling. So it’s just a wasted day. Nobody learns anything. So every time it rains or something, every time the wind blows in New York City, all the kids are going to be evacuated from their own schools and and where does this end? Because those of us here in Texas, we’re going to keep sending illegals to New York City. We’ve sent 100,000 so far, something like that. And there’s at least 100,000 More coming, because, well, we’re getting about 10,000 each day crossing into the United States, and the vast majority of those are crossing into Texas.

So I don’t know what the exact number is. Let’s just say maybe, on average 5000 a day coming into Texas. Well, I think we should give New York City at least half those. So how about another 2500 per day in New York City? How many schools do you have that they can take over? How many hotels do you have? How many city parks? How many soccer fields, huh? Well, guess what? They’re going to take them all over. They’re going to take over your whole city. Until you close the frickin border. This is the issue. So, Mayor, Eric Adams, New York City, who has already said that this is going to destroy the city, by the way. On the Record, he said, if we don’t stop this New York City will be destroyed. Guess what? That’s exactly what’s going to happen. You’re going to lose your city. Same story in Chicago, same story in Los Angeles.

By the way, I thought New York City was a sanctuary city. I thought you wanted all these migrants because that’s that’s what you said. You know, when Trump was President, you said Trump is evil. We’ll take all those migrants we’re a sanctuary city. Hey, migrants, you’ll be safe here. So we send them there. And then they’re like, oh my god, it’s an emergency. We’re gonna have to take over everything and then city’s gonna collapse. Yeah, you asked for it. New York bureaucrats, New York politicians in New York virtue signaling morons. You asked for it. You got it.


President of Mexico demands $20 billion and pathway to U.S. citizenship for 10 million Hispanics

Now, just in case you weren’t convinced that this is a replacement strategy, the president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has demanded legal status for 10 million Hispanics in the United States. And he wants $20 billion in exchange for helping on the US Mexico border issue.


So this is a shakedown by Obrador, total Shakedown. Give me $20 billion, he says, and you got to give citizenship, essentially, to 10 million Hispanics in the United States, which is exactly what the Democrats want, because they want 10 million Hispanics to vote Democrat. Because they’ve lost the Muslim vote, you know, because Joe Biden supports Israel and Israel’s bombing the smithereens out of the Palestinians, and basically pissing off all the Muslims on the entire planet by acting like, you know, Zionist war criminals. So, Biden’s lost the Muslim vote, they gotta replace the Muslim vote. And who’s that going to be? The Hispanic vote. That’s, that’s their plan.


So this is what he says, Hey, you give citizenship, or actually it starts out as like a work visa, but eventual citizenship to 10 million Hispanics, and you give me $20 billion, and then we might help on the border. I have a better idea. I have a much better idea. Why don’t we deploy the United States military on the border and have a DMZ and build the wall and surveil the whole thing with drones, and arrest everybody that steps foot illegally in the United States and deport them.


Now, look, just for the record. I have to say this every time. I support legal immigration. I love legal immigrants. I’m married to one. And some of the best Americans I know, are immigrants or have been at one time or another in their lives. I am not against immigration. I’m against illegal immigration that has got to stop. And we need to deploy the military to do that, we need to build the wall. And we need to have consequences for people who enter the United States illegally. And as I understand it, now it’s been explained to me by key law enforcement personnel in Texas, there is a plan in place. Once Trump becomes president again to deport millions of illegals from states like Texas and Arizona and other states all over the country, essentially, by running their IDs at traffic stops. So it’s not going to be a door to door operation. They’re not hunting down. There’s not gonna be bounty hunters. They’re just gonna stop illegals on normal enforcement or maybe heightened enforcement of traffic violations, speeding, rolling through stop signs, you know, doing crazy things that a lot of illegals do like driving with no driver’s license, no insurance, using the shoulder as a third lane. Like not looking at all when you pull out in front of people like what, hey, this isn’t Mexico City. This is Texas, you need to drive like an American anyway.


It’s easy to catch them. You just do traffic enforcement. We need to do that by the millions. Not give 10 million illegals a path to citizenship. For God’s sake. I mean, again, I’m all for immigration of people, we check them out. We do a background check. You know, they bring ideas, they bring a work ethic, they bring dedication to America, they get the permission, you know, they go through the process. They get vetted, they come to America, they want to join America, I’m all for that. But just not this, hey, everybody come across, you know, pregnant women and then have a baby here, an anchor baby and now you will get all these freebies and that’s that’s an invasion. And that has got to stop.


Canada’s crooked cops run outrageous staged arrest of David Menzies from Rebel News

Okay, the next video you’ve got to see is incredible. From Canada rebel news. So a rebel news reporter, David Menzies, is trying to ask Chrystia Freeland a question. And then some a security person maybe with Freeland or a cop sets up, like a like a sidewalk bump, where this reporter accidentally bumps into him. And then the cop says, Oh, you assaulted me, and you’re under arrest for assault.


And this is what they’re doing to independent media outlets. In Canada, because Canada is, of course, an authoritarian, fascist regime at this point. But check out this video from rebel news is absolutely shocking.


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