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6 Anti-Inflammatory Foods For Your Knee, Hip & Back Pain

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Being a naturopathic physician, for the better part of the last 20 years, my main job has been to keep my patients’ joints moving freely…or to free them up when they’re stuck.

Today, I’m going to share what I’ve learned over all these years with you…and let you in on a “trade secret” that will help your joints feel like they just got an oil change. Can you imagine feeling a smooth, painless range of motion in every joint in your body all day long starting from the minute you get out of bed? This article is your guide…keep reading.

Over the years I discovered a pattern in patients with joint pain that holds true regardless of which joint is affected, whether that pain is mild, moderate or severe, or whether it’s been there for weeks, months, years, or even decades.

When joints are stiff and sore, the REAL CAUSE of the pain is the process that is happening below the surface. And when you learn to treat the pain at the “root”, it goes away and doesn’t come back.

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Inflammation- It’s a blessing and a curse. The inflammatory process is a necessary part of healing from illness or injury, but when that process stays “turned on” for too long…it becomes a major contributor to every chronic disease there is. The chemicals of a long running inflammatory reaction will act like a molecular firing squad that will relentlessly attack your joints, muscles and nerves—causing steadily increasing pain, stiffness, and misery.

The root causes of joint pain are:

Muscle Tension- The tension and stiffness in the muscles and tendons surrounding a joint is a totally overlooked contributor to the pain that is felt in the joint. Even minor injury in or around joints can set off major muscle tension which then causes more pain than the original injury.

Fibrosis – Fibrosis is a medical word for scar tissue. When there is inflammation and muscle tension in and around a joint…it doesn’t take long for scar tissue to begin to form. And when it does, fibrosis will further  limit range of motion and it can entrap nerves and blood vessels…contributing to even more stiffness and pain.

When I discovered that this pattern of inflammation, muscle tension, and fibrosis were the underlying root causes of virtually all cases of joint pain…it set me off on a mission of scientific discovery.

With my background and expertise in nutritional and herbal medicine, I went looking for compounds that could address all of the root causes of joint pain at once. After years of clinical experimentation, I discovered six powerful, all natural ingredients that alleviate all three primary causes of joint, muscle and nerve discomfort…


You may have heard of turmeric… you might even have a jar of it in your spice rack.

The powder in that jar is made from the root of the turmeric plant, which has been dried and ground into a fine powder. But, hidden inside that yellow powder a golden secret.

Turmeric powder contains a wide range of different botanical ingredients known as “phytonutrients”… one of which is called curcumin.

Recent research has revealed that curcumin acts like a “molecular kill switch” to inhibit the inflammatory process at it’s very core.

Curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) does this by inhibiting the action of an inflammatory chemical called NF-kappa B.

Multiple studies have confirmed that the effect of shutting down NF-kappa B with curcuminis…you guessed it…less pain. And less stiffness, more range of motion, and an overall better quality of life.

Without any side effects at all!

Unfortunately, there’s a catch (there’s always a catch right?). In that little jar of turmeric powder…less than 2% of it is actually curcumin.  And, as I’ve said…it’s the curcumin that does the work.

In order to deliver the full benefits of turmeric for many patients, I exclusively use a powerful extract called  BCM-95® curcumin…

BCM-95® contains 95% curcumin…compared to the less than 2% curcumin in the turmeric in your spice rack!

That makes BCM-95® the world’s best curcumin extract with over 50 clinical studies and a 15-year track record for safety and effectiveness!

The potency and bioavailability of BCM-95® curcumin puts it at the top of muy list of ingredients to use to keep joints moving freely and painlessly.

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Saturday March 4, 2023

Doctor Joshua Levitt ND  |

Dr. Josh draws upon the science of both conventional and naturopathic medicine and artfully combines the two into a unique “best of both worlds” approach. He is widely known for his exceptional diagnostic skills, his depth of knowledge, and his casual charismatic style.

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