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If Your 15Yrs Old Son Asks If You Will Buy Him Condoms.

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Only if he doesn’t have the money for them and even then, I would say hand him the money and let him go to the store himself. If he’s old enough to use it, then he’s old enough to go get them himself. If he tells you he’s embarrassed, tell him that if he’s too embarrassed to buy them, then he shoiuld be too embarrassed to do the deed. 15 year olds of 2023 are a hell of alot more grown up than the 15 year olds of 20 years ago and definately even more different than from 30–40 years ago. If your asking because you think it’s not right that he needs them, get for real. If you don’t wan’t your 15 year old kid to be a dad, throw him a bone, pun intended.

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