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Why Do Inmates Not Try To Prosecute Abusive Prison Guards

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Me: The day after I was released.

Prove it! If you press the issue(s) once outside, you’ll hear those two words quite frequently.

I was diagnosed with a swollen prostate while in prison. I was given a derivative of Flomax to take once daily. Fine. No problem. I did what they asked, and considering my age, prostate problems do appear. I was able to pee without having to strain so much — BUT, I was still straining.

That was about 2 months prior to my release and I was given a 30-day supply to take with me when I was released. After January that year, I was out of Flomax. I didn’t realize how sick I was until I saw my I.D. picture. In mid-March, I passed out and the paramedics were called. Long story short, my dirty urine — the stuff I couldn’t seem to get rid of — kept going back to the kidneys to be filtered and sent back to the bladder. Long story short, by April 2015, I was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease. The kidneys totally stopped working. I was catheterized so I could pee much more freely — oh by the way, I did NOT have a swollen prostate, I had a chronic blockage in my bladder.

Because of that misdiagnosis of a swollen prostate as opposed to a chronic bladder blockage, I ended up with ESRD. I want to sue for malpractice of the two doctors (and I use the term loosely) because I could have lived a medically better life, BUT, a few lawyers (who actually did take the time to talk to me over the phone) said, “Wow, that’s terrible, Mr. MacEwen!” Prove it and we have a case and we’ll go after DOC with everything we’ve got.

Me, last month (3 1/2 years after released, diagnosed with ESRD and taking dialysis 3 times a week.

Me on 30 April this year.

As to your specific incidents, CO’s will cover other CO’s backs. You don’t stand a chance to prove abuse. Outside of the inmates, who do you have for witnesses?


Sad story man!

Seems like prison does little “correction” than damage. I’m saying this in light of how hard it is for ex prisoners to get jobs because of criminal records, they can’t access credit lines or loans, and it’s hard to go even be accepted in colleges with a criminal record.

Basically its nearly impossible to get back to a normal life.

Which then leaves you with narrow choices, eventually returning to crime and back to the prison. That’s not fucking correctional

I wouldn’t even start to really comprehend what you go through. Good luck man

Melanie Blum


By filing the above form, you then can sue the prison. You have to follow all the requirements for suing a governmental entity

You should see what happens to us during a hurricane. I live in a mobile home and during a hurricane, that’s MANDATORY EVACUATION. We can’t go to any shelters, Ray. Family shelters have children in them. Most of the shelters are at High Schools or Middle School gymnasiums,. Even shelters for special needs people like me with ESRD and some other things only I can take care of. Special needs shelters have children there, too. Dad’s on Chemo or he takes dialysis (anything like that). We were offered to go to the Central Florida Reception Center — A prison about 10 miles away. Only S.O.’s get that kind of treatment and all the C.O.’s know who’s coming in. Although we would be put into the visitors center what do you think the C.O.’s could do that kind of tied their hands when we were serving time? There’s always a chance for a free-for-all in the visitors center CFRC. Prison is NOT an option.


You know what’s funny, they use snitch inmate testimony all the time to add years onto other inmate’s sentences, but those same inmates can’t be trusted when accusing a CO


That’s funny that you say that Chris SkulIer!!! I was a nurse at a jail about 40miles from the town I was living in. I had been working there for 3 months is all when the CO’s didn’t appreciate my humane, respectful, empathetic way that I treated the inmates. So the CO’s got me fired, arrested, and I’m still unemployed because of what they falsely said I did. And their only evidence was hear say from an “inmate informant” a career criminal that knew he’d get released early for going along with it and stating he saw me give another inmate contraband. Even though there’s cameras everywhere, cameras that I relyed on to protect me. I’ve never been in trouble with the law, but the DA is taking the CO’s, inmate informants word over mine, all because I was doing my job and being respectful to the inmates!!!

Jason Kay Comment
DAs don’t make final decisions. A Judge or jury will decide. Beyond reasonable doubt is the standard used for criminal cases in the US. I find it odd that you defend inmates by talking about being respectful and empathetic, but you think the inmate informant’s word should  be cometely disregarded because he is a career criminal.


Our ignorant society feels that prison guards have a life-and-death job every second of the day. In Iowa, the biggest criminals in the institutions are wearing badges. While at the Anamosa State Penitentiary, I witnessed intense physical, mental, and sexual abuse against the inmates. Officer Glenda Glasgow even gave birth to a son fathered by the inmate she raped. The Iowa prisons are out of control.


This is just one thing that’s wrong with your prison system. Poor medical, treating humans like animals. Then expecting nice happy people to walk out and get nice jobs and settle down behind a white picket fence.

It’s a fucking joke. I hope your kidneys last long enough for a few good memories.

Mathew, on 24Oct17 I was arrested for leaving my GPS. I was going to dialysis that day, and I simply forgot to pack the GPS in my backpack. One of the guys called me while I was on the bus and told me my GPS went off with the music. I couldn’t have the bus driver turn around, he had others to pick up.

I called my probation officer (this was the last Friday in September) and told him what had happened. He had to report it to Miami-Dade where my crimes were committed. I called the bus company (AccessLynx — for people under the medically needy program from medicare). I collected the manifest (both outbound and return). I had the nurses in the dialysis room give me a photocopy of the treatment sheet to show my stats during my 4 hour stay. I went to the internet about possible short-term memory loss in dialysis patients. I told officer Knott (my probation officer) to print out the web site I went to. Dialysis patients FREQUENTLY suffer short term memory loss because of the creatinine level that builds up in the blood stream. THAT would happen during the days off like Thursday. The creatinine level-the garbage in the bloodstream- is the thing that causes that.

I had all of that and my probation officer sent copies of everything I had down to Miami-Dade. On the 24th of October, Miami-Dade issued Orlando a warrant for my arrest anyway.

Spent a month in Orlando Booking and Receiving. Lost 12 hours of dialysis there. The day before Thanksgiving, Miami-Dade picked me up. 5 hours travel time in a dog kennel van (traffic was miserable on the day before Thanksgiving). When I got to M-D, I was processed into jail. I was put in the Psych section (not for what I did now (forgetting the GPS) but for the crimes I committed on ’97 and ‘05). I was given a blanket. No pillow, no sheets. A plastic mat and and blanket. The yelling, screaming, and pounding on the walls and doors went on 24/7 nightly. When they gave me my food, they did not include a plastic fork or spoon. No tools to kill myself in the cell. I ate with my hands only. 4 days later, I was put on the medical floor where I was in a cell that would allow me to come out once a week. The orders were basically the same and when a C/O. asked why I don’t have a fork, I told her. She shook her head, went to the food-service section, got a fork and gave it to me. She said, it was ridiculous. I got 2 sheets and a pillow. The room had big screens for the air/condition-heating in the cell. The room was set at 56 degrees. They didn’t know what to do with me down there. They knew I needed dialysis but all the dialysis centers were within 2500 feet (M-D’s residency restrictions). Like I was going to escape and find a child to violate. What f**k heads. I had dialysis two days out of 8. I had lost 30 pounds in 30 days. My blood pressure went through the floor.

When my son picked me up in front of the 11th Judicial court in M-D, he literally had to carry me to his car two blocks because I couldn’t walk more than about 4 steps without falling out.

Kari Powell

Response – My God you truly have experienced horrific suffering. I am so very sorry you had/have to endure so much pain. I am surprised your lawyers are unable to assist in legal action or lawsuits due to this treatment. Sounds as if your misdiagnosis led to your decline in health. Plus the blatant disregard to not only your health but obvious discrimination is insane. No one should ever have to experience any of this in life. For what it’s worth you sound very positive and optimistic in regards to your family and life in general. I am a firm believer in “Attitude Is Everything”. I wish you all the best and do hope some type of restitution comes your way!!


It seems to me there must be some kind of prison medical records that could be subpoenaed… or is that really not possible? I am sorry and infuriated for you that you have had to go through this.


Actually there has to be a record him being diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. That alone would be grounds for a mal-practice lawsuit. The inmate also has the RX bottles of the drug Flomax as evidence that he was treated with prostate problems. This guy needs to get a greedy lawyer that will stay on this case. I was once misdiagnosed by a doctor and it was very easy to get a copy of the medical records. As a matter of fact it was necessary to have a copy of the diagnosis so i could apply for state disability. This guy needs to get a better lawyer and re-open his case