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Tip Of Gratitude

Teeth Whitening 4 You

“This week has already been a lot on me and today at work I’m waiting on my tables the same as I always do. I proceeded to check this table out and the lady asks

Lady: How much would you like for a tip?

Me: Whatever you give me is fine.

Lady: what do you need?


Man with the lady: How old are you?


Him: you have kids?

Me: yes a son, he’s 4.

Her: if he needed anything how much would it be?

Me: He needs a lot I’m not sure( I smile and walk away)

Her: you pay all your bills?

Me:yes ma’am

Her: if you had a pay a bill today what would it be?

Me: Rent

her:How much your rent?

Me: $375

Her: Okay I’m leaving you a $375 tip, I’m paying your rent for august.

Y’all I couldn’t do anything but cry!!! This was a blessing in disguise!