Gantt, Lucius

The Gantt Report – Return of the Cat

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By Lucius Gantt

About four years ago, The Gantt Report told you The Cat would throw the blow that would knock “Teflon” Donald Trump off of his right-wing pedestal.

The cat returned.

The former; twice impeached President of the United States has been told that he could face criminal charges for making a hush money payment to adult film actor and director Stormy Daniels.

If all judicial proceedings initiated by the Manhattan, New York District Attorney result like people think they will, Trump, the Russian Babayka, would be the first former President to be indicted for a crime.

Trump is not the first or only elected official to have cat problems. Clinton got in trouble in the Oval Office when it was revealed that he enjoyed playing “hide the cigar” inside the cat.

Thomas Jefferson played with one or more Black cats when he was in office. And had kittens that he denied were his.

Many more locally elected officials in America, had a taste, so to speak, fora alley cats, Tom Cats, and, sad to say,  young kittens.

It is not a secret. Too many elected officials hire cats that they are attracted to.

I once asked a speaker of a State House of Representatives if any of his House members needed temporary companions and he responded, “anyone in government that wants a companion, will give the desired cat, or person, a job”!

There are a lot of good, honest, hard-working cats in government.

But some cats ain’t loyal!

Government cats are just like neighborhood cats. Cats don’t come from Venus, they come from the community, just like you and I do.

Every day the legislature is in session, some lobbyists, labor unions, or special interest groups will sponsor a reception or activity that has the best food and drinks a legislator can imagine. Alcohol and other intoxicants flow freely at parties with politicians.

The legislator’s love for cats is well documented but the lobbyists love cats too.

Divorces involving government employees and private-sector government workers and lobbyists are not rare. Divorces are frequent because it affects marriages and relationships when a man or woman is away from home during the legislative session for three or four months, especially when cat chasers and cats run wild in state and federal government hallways.

When a government cat gets mad, ain’t nothing you can do about it but tell the truth about your activities.

What about same-sex government employees? When same-sex felines hit each other, they incur the same problems.

You never know whom you’ll fall in love with, but be careful when you’re sprung by a public servant!

If you are a public servant that enjoys hitting a cat, just don’t lie about it as Trump did.


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