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Teeth Whitening 4 You
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A Natural Weapon against Cancer…from the Sea

Sharks have swam the seas for over 400 million years, and have remained largely unchanged by evolution. Shark skeletons are comprised of cartilage which accounts for approximately six to eight percent of a shark’s total body weight. The endoskeleton protects sharks from carcinogens and mutagens. Sources say that since there is virtually no fat in shark cartilage, chemicals are unnecessary in the cleaning process. Shark cartilage is a tough yet pliable connective tissue through which blood vessels cannot pass. Proteins in shark cartilage prevent growth of capillary and blood vessels in conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, macular degeneration and other age-related diseases. Rapidly growing tumors must develop a new and extensive network of blood capillaries to provide nutrients and remove waste products. By inhibiting the formation of this necessary network, shark cartilage can be effective with all solid tumors, regardless of location, the number involved and whether they are primary or metastasized tumors.

In addition to the proteins, shark cartilage also contains calcium, phosphorus and carbohydrates which are said to help control disease as well. Mucopolysaccharides reportedly function as immune system stimulators and work in conjunction with protein to combat disease. Calcium and phosphorus supply nutrition. Supplementing with shark cartilage appears to slowly help build up this antiangiogenic factor in the blood, thereby discouraging further tumor growth and ultimately starving existing tumors of nourishment.

Shark cartilage has been the subject of much research, particularly in foreign countries where the medical establishment is more open-minded to alternative treatments that the U.S. So far, the best results have been observed with central nervous system (brain), prostate, breast, liver, bone, ovarian and uterine cancer. Other solid tumors respond as well, and doctors have observed responses even with pancreatic cancers at high dosage levels provided the patient is still fairly healthy. Research also shows that shark cartilage can be used to treat psoriasis and other skin diseases such as acne, poison ivy and eczema. With macular degeneration blood vessels leak under the retina, leading to possible blindness, Shark cartilage can be used to help this problem. Some arthritis sufferers have reported reduced pain and joint inflammation when they used shark cartilage.

*Since shark cartilage is used to inhibit the growth of new blood vessels, people with certain conditions are advised to refrain from its use: pregnant women, heart attack sufferers, people who have recently had surgery or women trying to conceive.

*The benefits of shark cartilage have been featured on ”60 MINUTES” – Feb. 28 1993, the DISCOVERY Channel and on the radio programs of such leading health professionals as Dr. Robert Atkins, MD, Dr. Ronald Hoffman, MD and Gary Null.

*Cartilage research has been widely published and performed at MIT; Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Boston; Columbia University; New York University; University of Miami School of Medicine; University Hospital Brugmann, Belgium; Institute Jules Bordet Belgium; and others