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Achieve Through Meditation

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Earlier we discussed theory, and now we are here for the practical aspect. Our path is all about practical application. We can read books, and you can listen to me talk about a few things or more things, but whatever we read or hear is the experience of someone else.

We are talking about something practical. The Master only tells us what he has achieved and what he did to achieve it. He wants to share his knowledge with us. He does not ask us to do anything more than what he did in order to achieve what he achieved. Whatever he achieved, he achieved through meditation, and not by reading books or asking questions, When we do as the Master did, which is the meditation, then we will also have the same knowledge, the same stature, level, and everything that the Master has.

Only practically applying ourself will help us achieve our spiritual goal. We come to the Master for a purpose and with a goal in mind. We come because we are convinced that we want to achieve that goal. The connection provide d to us by the master will only be of some benefit if we apply it practically, which is the meditation. Otherwise, if we come to the Master and only ask him questions, those questions are posted by the mind. That provides food only for the mind, not for the soul, so coming to the Master, asking questions and looking for answers in that way will be useless because we will not achieve our spiritual goal through the intellect or by arguing, questioning , or listening.

Ever learner has some curiosity or some doubts, and at that level, that is acceptable. But the Master says that we can also have the same thing that he has , if we really want to have the same that he has, then we have to perform practically and perfectly, Nothing in the spiritual realm can be achieved by physical efforts. Our physical efforts are nothing but to sit in peace, rest, and meditate on God.


Master in the past, and much may have been said and heard, but less was done. So we should put more effort into doing the practice. Only then can we achieve what we have come to the Master for. So, if you all agree, then we will get on with the practical by sitting for meditation.


It was a good effort by all of you. I could see a few of you struggling, but this struggle will also lead to success. Nothing is achieved without a struggle, As I have suggested before, please continue with your meditation and practice. It is a wonderful and powerful tool to end your miseries, sorrows, and suffering.

Once more, I think all of you for inviting me here and giving me this opportunity to talk to you. Although it is my first meeting with you, it is wonderful experience that I will carry with the love you have shown for me. I am grateful for that. I hope that God will again arrange for us to meet again. Until then, continue with your spiritual practice.