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One man was jailed for 28 years. Because a woman had a dream that she was raped by him.

This is that person, Clarence Moses-El.

One day in 1988, poor Clarence was relaxing at home when he was taken away by the police as a rape suspect.

A hospitalized woman claimed that a black man raped her in an inhumane manner.

More than a day after the rape, the woman, who was still hospitalized, identified Clarence as the perpetrator. That was why she said his face


in her “dreams” .

As a result of the trial, Clarence Moses-EL was sentenced to 48 years in prison in 1988 for rape and assault. The reason for the verdict was that he attacked a woman who came home drunk at night, but the evidence was her physical and mental injuries and her dreams, and there was no other evidence .

Clarence continued to maintain his innocence.

However, his efforts to protest his innocence are unsuccessful.

One reason, according to reports, was that Denver police

discarded DNA evidence

taken at the scene .

Fortunately, in December 2013, Clarence, who is serving a 48-year sentence, received a letter from another man, LC Jackson.

In the letter, Jackson said he didn’t believe Clarence had been accused of rape because he had “had sex” with the same woman who accused him on the same night. .

“I really don’t know what to say to you, but let me start by shining a light on what is happening in the dark,” Jackson wrote, according to court records. “I have a lot of things to keep close to my heart.”

The confession led to a July court hearing in which Jackson testified that during sex with the woman, he became angry and punched her in the face. He admitted everything. However, it is unclear whether this constitutes rape.

Clarence had already served 28 years of his 48-year sentence.

Please try to imagine…

An innocent man…

28 years that can’t be taken back…

It’s because of one dream

I feel sad inside after reading this article…

Source: Japanese Qra.