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Teeth Whitening 4 You
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“Yesterday Baby Girl calls dad crying – she left her wallet on the bus! We’re all upset and she naively asks if she’ll get it back. Not wanting to crush her spirit anymore-I admitted it was highly unlikely. Get home and there is a young man banging on my door, stirring up the babies… ? ‘Can I help you?’ He responds he’s looking for AK? ‘So who are you?’ He begins- ‘I found her wallet on the bus and wanted to return it. Everything is still in it, even the money. It happened to me a few weeks ago and I know how bad it feels.’ Dad took money out of his pocket and gave him what he had. I couldn’t let him go, we talked, he touched my heart some more so I reached into her wallet and gave him the $20 that was sitting there! Turns out young Baxter is 19, goes to school in NY AND is the son of a co-worker(small world)… This gesture has doused my cynicism and restored my faith. Mr & Mrs Charles Perkins you should be proud AND he has become an honorary member of our family.”