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Dog Sexual Issues Dog Lovers Need To Know About

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What did you think when you were a child when two dogs were like this?

When I was little, I thought that the two dogs were close. This scene is familiar to all of us. But most of us don’t know or care much about animal sex. Some people when they come across street dogs behaving in this situation they attack, kick, some even hit them with sticks and stones.

Let’s understand this a little.

Just as humans need sex, and similar animals too, it is a basic need in their life cycle. Also you should remember

So why are they stuck in sex?

Dog mating mainly takes place in two or three steps, the second being this step which is the stuck step which requires the ‘tight step’.

“bulbus glandis ‘,” bulbus glandis’, one ” ” bulbus glandis ‘).As a result, the male dog has these two muscles and cannot withdraw his penis from the female dog’s genitalia.

During this time, the male dog’s genitals secrete some distance and then his sperms flow very quickly and efficiently and perform the sexual process properly.

This time can be from 5 to 45 minutes.

So what happens when you attack the dogs in this situation or they jump?

First of all, it is extremely important.

In some cases it may be faster to gain muscle. But often these genital muscles are capable of rupture. Sometimes, kidney function damage in men and many other problems are possible.

They also do not harm your sex life, so you have no rights. They were in extreme pain during the sexual process without your knowledge or because of some assault or other violence. How many more will there be?

So if you have done this mistake, be careful not to repeat it. Harm to animals!

It’s good to show love by sharing pictures of puppies on social media day and night, and in real life if you can. It doesn’t matter if you don’t, please don’t do anything.

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