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By Ava Johnson

The words you speak can create or destroy. Your mouth holds more power than you think. Ancient cultures, including the: African, Greek, and Roman cultures, believed that to utter a curse verbally was extremely powerful. Our ancestors felt that creation comes forth from sound and vibration. Their consensus was, “to say the thought out loud, brought it into existence.”  That is, to them, was known as verbiage curses. They viewed Verbiage curses as a format of cursing a person through the process of words.

That is right! Your words have power! Words can create and bring life or destroy life. Whether we believe in verbiage curses or not, words can be destructive. Words can destroy a person, a family or a company. It is important to speak on what you want to bring into existence and be silent when you think about speaking negatively!

Everyone has something powerful and important to add to this great planet. You are here because it is important for you to be here, on this day. We are here on a mission, even children. It is what adults do, collectively, which will decide how a child grows up. What we say to children and what they hear, can affect them throughout their life.

In all, it is important not to vainly utter words of condemnation towards anyone. We are all advancing on our paths. We can lift each other up with kind words or tear each other down with harsh words. What do you want to call into existence?