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Attention On The Divine

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When we talk about worldly matters, the attention is diverted outward, but when one withdraws one’s attention and focuses within, the soul rise above. Wherever the life currents withdraw, there you will reside. Wholeheartedly concentrate your attention on the divine, and the experience of God-realization can occur at the very moment. As long as the mind is attending to the outside or physical world, within to the inner or spiritual realm is impossible. It is a mater of where you place your attention. Even in your daily life for example, if your attention is distracted while driving, you could have an accident and be unable to reach your destination. The same principle applies to the realization of God. Thoughts are very potent, and you need to consider where you are focusing your attention.

Meditation is the only process that can subdue the mind and thus enlightenment can be achieved. Meditation protects one from being carried away by the powerful clutches of maya. When your mind turns inward, then the impression and strong oscillations of your mind will settle down. Thoughts are not real and can be compared to the waves of the ocean. When you begin to realize the sublet aspects of maya. Then you will naturally become aware of the absolute higher truth. Conversely, as you begin to understand the truth, the falseness of the world automatically becomes apparent.

We are whatever our attention is. If our attention is on the material world., then we progress only in the material world. However, if our attention is on God, then we move toward God. We can be engrossed in God while still living a normal life

The benefit of focusing whole- heartedly on our spiritual practice is that all of the fruits that we earn in the spiritual world stay with us forever. All material earning in this world are of a temporary nature, and we cannot take them with us when we leave this body, nor do they provide us with permanent happiness in the world.

For our spiritual practices to bear fruit, it is not only important that we practice, but how we practice. It is not only our focus, but also the feeling with which we practice. One of the scriptures says.

God’s lotus feet dwell in our hearts. He is within us. Yet if our focus is in the, or running to scared places asking for help, or sitting for hours in meditation with certain expectations while our hearts is not there, then the practice will bear no fruit. The key to our practice is true devotion and pure love for God.