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Atlanta Journalist and Daughter Create TV Talk Show to ‘Elevate’ Mental Health

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Nationwide — What do you do when you are in the middle of a pandemic, and your 20-year-old daughter asks you to host a talk show with her? “You do it,” said Deanna Johnson Cauthen, producer and co-host of a new television show and YouTube channel called The Elevate Talk Show.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Deanna, her daughter and co-host Adrianna, and Deanna’s husband, Andrew, all suddenly found themselves working from home. “Initially, we thought that the pandemic would be short-lived and that our lives would quickly return to normal, but that was not the case,” said Deanna.

After a year into the pandemic, with no end in sight, Adrianna said, “I was feeling very anxious and mentally stressed.”

Although Deanna was hosting ‘The Working Woman Radio Show’, a podcast for which she had earned a commendation from the State of Georgia for her “impressive accomplishments,” Adrianna asked her mother if the two could co-host a show together.

“I felt like it would be a good distraction, and a positive way for me to channel some of my anxiety and stress, and help others, too,” said Adrianna.

After talking it over some more, Deanna and her daughter decided to create The Elevate Talk Show to educate and encourage families to live their best lives.

The mother/daughter talk show focuses on a variety of issues.

“We talk about everything. We’ve done shows about marriage and divorce, emotional and physical abuse, seniors learning how to use technology, developing healthy eating habits, helping kids navigate social media, adopting a family pet, and so much more,” said Deanna.

A former contributing writer for the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, and other news outlets, Deanna shared that she is immensely proud of the quality interviews that she brings to the show.

“I’ve been fortunate to be able to talk with a lot of really great people including local government leaders, doctors, lawyers, educators, and mental health professionals, as well as many other people who are knowledgeable. I enjoy being able to pick their brains and bring my viewers valuable information,” said Deanna.

Adrianna, who is a senior on a full scholarship at Clayton State University, talked about one of her favorite features of the program.

“I love to bake and cook, so we recently added a food segment to the show called ‘Meal of the Week.’ I prepare easy entrees and desserts that viewers can quickly make for their families,” said Adrianna.

Deanna mentioned that another aspect of the show that she really enjoys is the ‘Around the Town’ travel segment. “We get to travel around Georgia, and to other states and cities, film some of the local cultures, and share our adventures with the audience,” said Deanna.

The show, which started in March 2021, can be seen on YouTube and on DeKalb TV Channel 25, a local public access channel that is aired to more than 700,000 citizens in the county. DeKalb TV Channel 25 also has a worldwide reach via online streaming.

Deanna said that her husband, Andrew Cauthen, who is a former news editor and currently serves as the communications manager for one of the largest counties in metro Atlanta, is also an integral part of the show.

“He set up a small studio in our den, and he films the show there. He also does all the post-production work. Without him, there would be no show. I’m extremely thankful for all of his support,” said Deanna.

Although the past two years have been difficult due to the pandemic, Adrianna said that she is grateful that she and her mom were able to find a creative way to elevate their mental health, and help others, too. “I’m also happy that I get to work with two of the people that I love the most,” said Adrianna.

To watch episodes of The Elevate Talk Show, and subscribe to their channel, go to