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by Debbie Pittman

They say China launched the Covid?

Yes, they said China launched the COVIV-29 but in agreement with all the leader of NATO/

Now our government, is talking about borrowing money from China?

Biden has always been in the pockets of China!

Why is it necessary for the government to borrow money? Obama never mentioned that we needed to borrow money.

This will be to keep our economy going, right?

Going where? In their pockets!

Giving out stimulus checks and more money in food stamps. [Real-lie] Money we don’t have. China cripples us like they wants to? China is not crippling America, it is the greed and controlling spirit of the America’s government that is crippling America.

Mostly because of the 10% economy going. Giving out stimulus checks and more money in food stamps. Money we don’t have?

America can make money like they are running water.

China cripples us like they wanted us? Stop blaming everybody for the ignorance of America’s government’s egos.

Mostly because of the 10% tariff on $300 billion of Chinese imports? When America government plays these games, they have to pay the piper!

This was supposed to begin on September 1, 2019 by Trump. Then five months later a pandemic around the world breaks out.

Let’s go back and watch the movies, “Outbreak-in 1995”; “Deadly Virus”; “Time Travel” with Bruce Willis; “Vendentta”, “Matrix”, “Devinci Code”, “Contagious”; “Inferno” and “The Day The Earth Stood Still”. Then listen Michael Jackson’s song, “The Don’t Care Us”

Who besides me see that China is going to be richer than America?

China is on a come up! China is not become richer than America based on this tariff. China is become richer because they have and still is studying America just like Whites have and are still studying Blacks and other Minorities.

Blacks have the same opportunity as China to strategize, and pull their resources together and conquer the world. However Blacks are too busy studying one thing, that is how to complain about what others are doing and not supporting their businesses in the community and the youth when they make accomplishments in life.

Support includes support outside of ones circle of existence. How many support Black Media? How many know whether there is a black media in their community? How many black stores do we or have we frequented? And how often?

White people got Blacks complaining about Africans, (of which our blood flows), Puerto Ricans, Haitians, Mexicans, India people, Japanese, Tiawianans, Vietnamese, Jews, Germany, Russian, Cubans, Jamaicans, some even complain about Native American Indians, and the list goes on.

We get degrees and complain about how others do not respect us; yet we disrespect our own people.

Perhaps there is a need for our people to revisit the “Willie Lynch Letter” with much scrutiny to see how we are holding ourselves back.

As you see China coming up; I say, “When will we decide or make strives to “Over Come” as Dr King has stated. We have been “SHALL-ING” to overcome for decades, and we still are singing the same blues, “We Share Overcome Some Day!”