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A Liquor Store Accused Me Of Using A Fake ID

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though I am 24 and it is real. They tried to confiscate it forcibly. If they had succeeded, could I have reported them to the police for robbing me? I have a NJ ID but attend school in MA which may be why.

This happened to me in the town I grew up in when I was 22. It was the day after my birthday. I insisted the ID wasn’t a fake and to please not take it and was told that if I didn’t leave without my ID they’d call the police. I was like “ok call them then I’ll wait” which the man behind the counter (who incidentally I recognized because my mom used to go to that liquor store when I was growing up) then did. The cop that took the call happened to be the school resource officer when I went to high school. I’d always been friendly to her as once when I had done something stupid and thoughtless while driving and she had been right behind me in her squad car and nearly hit me, she just pulled up next to me and gave me a lecture instead of a ticket. Anyway so it’s this woman who responds, clearly recognized me, and she just says “oh, happy birthday” after she looks at my ID. I wasn’t rude or anything the whole time and liquor store dude I guess felt bad so I got free alcohol.

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