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18 Yrs Old And I Inherited 3.5 Million Dollars

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My Godson inherited $180,000 when his mother died. He received the money when he was 18. As he deposited the money into Chase Bank, the lady handling his account told him to be wise and not spend the money and wasteful things. All of his friends and relatives believed they were entitled to a piece of the action. He bought a used car and kept the money next to him. He got a CDL License and began driving 7up delivery trucks around NYC and the eventually became an MTA Bus driver. Fast forward 18 year and his money has grown significantly. He saved and saved and saved some more.

You can easily blow through 3 million in a matter of years. Or you can live simply and take that money and as the Chase guy said, make it make money for you. If you can buy income bearing property.

Most people are not wise and blow the money. The decision is yours.