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“Your” Social Security Card Is A Bond Issued In “YOUR” Name

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By Anna Von Reitz

Most likely, you have never been a Federal Employee in your life, or, maybe you served a Tour of Duty long ago, or worked as a Postal Clerk for a couple years.
No sane person looking at you could consider you a lifetime government employee, if they looked at your actual employment history.
And yet, you have been identified as a lifetime Federal Dual Citizen and federal government employee, and you and your employers have all been taxed — heavily — as if you were either a public assistance recipient, a political asylum seeker, or a full time federal employee.
On top of the 7.5% of your earnings snatched as a direct FICA Tax, your employer is hounded to pay an equal amount — purportedly for your medical care and support in your old age.
In addition to this very hefty tax amounting to 15% of your lifetime earnings, the Social Security Administration issues bonds against your Estate — or rather, the Estate of a missing British Merchant Mariner named after you — every ten years.
You own the Survivorship Interest in this phony British Territorial Estate and have paid its bills all your life without knowing this.
Remember when we told you to get out your magnifying glass and look at what appears to be a signature line on every check you have ever written?
It turns out that it isn’t a line.  It’s a row of microprint endlessly repeating “Authorized Representative”.
What would you be a “Representative” of, and who or what would be authorizing you to act as a Representative?
And why would the bank and the check printing company go to such lengths to hide this from you, so that you literally sign the checks without knowing that you are being identified as and acting as an “Authorized Representative” without any disclosure?
Okay, take your trusty magnifying glass and look at the Social Security Card issued in your name.  It’s printed on bond paper with a unique watermark, just like a “dollar” bill.
This “Social Security Card” is issued to a trademark NAME in American Sign Language: FIRST MIDDLE LAST.
The date of issue is printed on the bottom right corner of the face of the bond, and a line of microprint (again) runs all around the legally enclosed text, revealing the bond issuer and the fact that they are seizing upon the assets cashiered under that trademark NAME to issue the bond.
Note that they instruct you to endorse the bond by signing it.
On the back of the bond you will see a number in red ink.  Red ink identifies the assets as being land assets that are being cashiered.  There is a single letter at the start of the bond number itself.  That single letter, “G” for example, identifies which Federal Reserve Bank issued the bond.  Then the bond account number itself follows.
After these bonds mature every ten (10) years, the receipts are not returned to you, they are returned to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which holds these receipts for two years, after which they are claimed as “abandoned funds” and dumped into the General Fund for the Territorial Congress to spend on war-mongering or whatever else pleases them.
So between the taxes and the bonds, the cretins in Congress are making out like bandits, raising and spending billions of dollars in “Social Security” funds every year, but poor-mouthing and telling you that they just don’t know what they are going to do, they are running out of funding for Social Security….. they will have to cut benefits or increase taxes or both…. because they have been squandering “YOUR” pension funds on war-mongering and foreign immigrants who never paid a dime into Social Security.
We have another answer.
We identify them as foreign criminals engaged in a complex fraud scheme on our shores, a personage scheme that impersonates Americans as Foreign Citizens and then plays all sorts of games to defraud those Americans.
We tell the Federal Reserve Bank that the Social Security Administration and the Territorial Congress have failed their Usufructuary Duty to hold the American victims of all this bunko harmless from all harm and all charges resulting from their creation of an identically named U.S. Citizen franchise and the Municipal United States Government and its Municipal Congressional Body are likewise failing their Usufructuary Duty owed to us for their resulting non-consensual use of our Given Name to create a United States citizen operating under a Dog-Latin TRADEMARK that appears to be associated with us — so,  we are seizing the SSA Bonds to pay for all the charges these fraud artists are trying to “mistakenly” address to us.
Then we can take care of all our own pension allocations and medical expenses ourselves, and according to our own accounts, and they won’t be able to access and spend our earnings and the interest we should be receiving along with all the bond trade receipts.
Doesn’t that sound like a fine and equitable solution to the “disappearing” Social Security funds which are being spent providing “benefits” — that is, payola in exchange for Democratic Party votes — to illegal immigrants who never paid a dime into Social Security?


It’s time, folks.  Time to grind these mother-effers into the dirt, legally and lawfully, under international law, with full recognition of the crimes they have individually and collectively committed against each and every one of us.  Time to outlaw “political parties” — aka, political lobbying groups that have no business selecting candidates for any office related to our government in any way.  Time to kick these unworthy excuses for Public Employees right in the wallet.