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The Gantt Report – Racist Rhetoric

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The Gantt Report – Racist Rhetoric

By Lucius Gantt

It has been said that I have a way with words. More than a few newspaper publishers have suggested that I write things that may be on the minds of many African Americans that they are reluctant to express.

I’m just happy that I don’t have a reputation for lying.

I’m also trying my very best to steer away from political commentary with an election less than 30 days away from now.

But I can’t. I cannot let the increased racist rhetoric in American politics go unchecked.

Conscious and righteous voters in the United States should not be confused by the timely use of political code words and phrases used by candidates of all political persuasions.

When their backs seem against the wall and losing elections appear to be a real possibility, conservative candidates quickly go to their primary campaign weapon, they disparage and demean Black people and all other people of color.

If candidates want to turn up closet klansmen, neo-nazis, skinheads or insurrectional militiamen, all candidates have to do is blame America’s problems on the n-words!

But the conservative candidates are doing the Will Smith, they are getting “Jiggy” with it. Although they don’t scream “Black” in speeches or commercials, they say criminals want to replace you, criminals want to take what belongs to white people and the criminals are the people that “want reparations. The criminals are the people that want racial history in school books and diversity in classrooms.

Conservatives also describe immigrants that are legally in America seeking asylum as Hispanic rapists and drug smugglers.

Bank fraud, tax fraud, sedition, insurrection, obstruction of justice, document theft, child molestation and other crimes are acceptable when committed by pale skinned law breakers.

Don’t act like you have eyes but can’t see that some political candidates want to convince voters that America’s foremost problems are Black problems or colored problems.

Black people don’t have to go to hell, everyday they catch hell right here on earth. Housing is unaffordable, food and gas prices are too high, we experience violence from our own kind and from their kind, quality health care is lacking in Black and poor neighborhoods and African Americans have less access to capital and bank loans than any other ethnic group in the United States!

To me, the current characterizations of Blacks as criminals is a political tactic like what went down years ago with the Willie Horton saga.

Political candidates created fictional characterizations designed to capitalize on racial stereotypes that Horton and other Blacks were big, dumb, ugly and violent criminals.

If you don’t know, Willie Horton was furloughed. But his alleged criminality continued to be discussed by politicians.

You can get support from conservative candidates if you lie like a conservative and profess your support for white nationalism, a white Christian nation and support for abortions by white baby mamas with Black baby daddys.

Conservatives love Hershel Walker, TGR does not, for example

The Gantt Report – Racist Rhetoric