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The Family; Not Enough Money To Pay Bills

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Seems as though the family has been faced with many challenges today. Not enough money to pay the biIIs? Not enough money to raise your children? Not enough money to keep gas in the car? [If you own one.] Lastly, not enough money just to have for spending change if you want to go out and let your hair down for a dinner date with friends? There is an answer to all of this!

  1. Only spend what you can afford

  2. Don’t try to keep up with the Jones

  3. Save a little, spend a little

  4. Don’t over do it

  5. Be thankful

  6. Learn to share

  7. Take a class in college to try and expand you knowledge

  8. Read to educate self and your family’s mind

  9. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

  10. Don’t be a beggar

  11. Find a job that brings happiness

  12. Read Proverbs in the Bible

  13. Love your family

Sometimes it can be very hard to get ahead when you have nothing at all. But at least you are alive. And if you still got breath in your body and this lets you know you still have a chance of being successful. Don’t succumb to the hardship of life. Learn to go around the mountains instead of climbing it. This will be easier. Strive to do better in life. Set long and short term goals for you and your family. You will be surprise what this will do for you and your family or just you if you don’t have a close net family.