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By Mae Johnson

Understanding the difference between religion vs relation is a crucial part of having spiritual rebirth. A religion can be anything from wearing certain clothes, to praying in certain oratorical styles or keeping old-fashioned or outdated rules.  A relationship to the Divine One is having a close relationship with Him. In today’s tempo, many believe that just because they attend church, that means that they automatically have a relationship with the Divine One.

The Divine One/Almighty God prefers  us to have a close relationship with Him as
oppose to keeping a bunch of counterfeit rules and regulations that dictate how you can earn atonement/redemption. Perhaps, this is why Christ didn’t preach a denomination.
He didn’t tell people to go to a particular church, or follow a particular person, apart from himself. He simply told us to love one another. Jesus came to save us, therefore, having a relationship is more important than a religion.

If your lifestyle contradicts what the Divine One's word says, then you need to rethink your relationship with the Him. Now I am by no means perfect, nor am I judging anyone but it is obvious to see there is more to being in a relationship with the Almighty Godthan mouthing the words. In all, the Divine One is not into religion; He’s into love. He’snot about rules; He’s about a Divine relationship and He wants people everywhere to know Him.

WORDS TO LIVE BY: The Divine One longs for you and me to have a relationship with Him, not a religion