Johnson, Mae Overstreet J


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By Mae Johnson

Worrying Takes Energy

Worrying about negative responses in your life is a lost cause. It takes so much time and energy to worry. Worrying consumes you; plus, it does not make the situation better; it makes you gloomier. In addition, judging your emotions will not alleviate the crisis. Our job is to manage the situation given us the best we can and let the Almighty God take control of the rest. 

Your Emotions Are Neither Good nor Bad, Right, Or Wrong

Feelings are what they are. They simply occur. When an emotion is strong, it feels like “the truth.” Just let yourself feel it, allow it, then let it go. When you are genuinely happy, your heart does not have room to worry about what others think. You will not always make the right choices, but you can make some of the choices you make the right ones. Even if you end up in a demanding situation, you can still make yourself into something beautiful, when you stop worrying about the small stuff.

Be Grateful

In all, be grateful that certain things didn’t work out. Sometimes you don’t even know what you’re being protected from or where you’re being guided to, during confusion. You just must trust that greater things are aligning for you and let go gracefully.

WORDS TO LIVE BY:  “You don’t need a gun to use gunpowder; you just need a spark.”  Viola Davis (Woman King).”