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My Husband Cheated. He Wants Me To Leave Our Home

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The Devil. Be careful. You know what? Don’t leave! Stay. Redecorate, Invite people over! Settle in real good! The other woman will wonder what’s going on in the house. He told her u were leaving probably. He’s hoping you will. So….stay stay stay, and monitor all his comings and goings. Keep tabs on him. Maybe it’ll help your divorce if you have proof. Stick a GPS tracker under his car. If he finds it blame it on his girlfriend. Stop trying to communicate. Stop talking, stop asking for answers, just stop. Pretend you live alone. Pretend he doesn’t exist. Make him leave. And do start extracting from the bank account and keep it tucked away. Post on Facebook the flowers you just received (send yourself flowers, pay cash). The other woman will think it’s from him. If you know who she is let her know he’s gay ( through other people of course) or that you’re swingers. Be happy. Act happy. Show happy. Because after you’re done with his sorry ass, true happiness can come.