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Missed My Menstrual Cycle And I’m Always Wet. Why?

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So, here’s the deal, sugar. There can be several reasons for this tag team of no-show periods and the floodgates being open:

  1. Baby on Board: First things first, we gotta rule out pregnancy. It’s like a classic plot twist. Being pregnant can lead to a no-show Aunt Flo and some extra fluid action due to those hormonal shenanigans.
  2. Stress, Stress, Stress: If you’ve been juggling life like a pro acrobat, stress could be your culprit. Stress can mess with your menstrual rhythm and even mess with your body’s moisture levels.
  3. Hormones Gone Wild: Sometimes, our hormones throw a house party, and things get out of control. Conditions like PCOS might be behind the curtain, causing your period to ghost you and your lady parts to be on overdrive.
  4. Medication Matters: Check your medicine cabinet. Some meds can be sneaky and influence your monthly guest list and your moisture levels.
  5. Infection Intrigue: Sneaky infections (yep, yeast or bacterial) can join the party uninvited, causing changes in the fluid department.
  6. Birth Control Mix-Up: If you’ve been tweaking your birth control, it might have stirred the pot and created some chaos.

If you’re in the game of hide and seek with your monthly period or have concerns about the slip ‘n’ slide situation down there, your best buddy is your healthcare provider. They’ll help you solve the mystery and give you the 411 on what’s going on.Watery discharge: Is it normal, and what does it mean?