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I’m A Landlord.Tenant Is Saying That They Are In ICU And Cannot Pay Rent?

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That depends. Our tenants are normally very upright people and none would bother to lie to us about a financial difficulty. They know we will work with them if they’re have trouble paying. So we would probably just accept their word for it, wish them well (how did they call us from ICU?), and tell them to pay the rent when they are released.

If it was one of the rare troublesome tenants we’ve had, we would call the hospital to confirm they are patients there. If they are, fine. We’ll wait until they’re out for the rent. Can’t really do anything else anyway.

If they’re not patients, we would call them back and tell them their lie has been exposed and they can pay the rent now or move out.

I'm a landlord. What do I do when my tenant is saying that they are in ICU and cannot pay rent? - Quora