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I’m A 67 Yrs Old Cashier. My Coworker Is 19 And Tries Talking To Me like An Equal

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I’m a 67-year-old cashier. My coworker is 19 and tries talking to me like an equal. How do I put him in his place and remind him that as an elder, I deserve unconditional respect and obedience?
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I am 69. I was a manager for years. My employees were, I think, fairly happy with my management style. I earned their respect. Why? Because I respected them, their skills and abilities. They knew their jobs better than I did. As a manager, I was there to help them be efficient & organized, giving them help and suggestions, and in general let them run with it.

Your age Is not a condition that makes you eligible for respect and obedience. The fact that you want to put him in his “place” just means you have a big ego & feel entitled. Respect is EARNED. Apparently you haven’t done that yet.