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I just Got A Notice Of Eviction, Read This?

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Don’t ever want to rent another home, huh? Because if you do something that stupid, no landlord will ever take you again. It’ll be hard enough with an eviction on your record, but you’ll pretty much guarantee no landlord will ever rent to you again once your record reflects that you had to be removed from the property by law enforcement.

Because that’s what happens on “vacate by” day.

Twenty-four hours before your “out by” date, law enforcement will post a final notice on your door.

At the appointed time, they will return. If you don’t leave willingly, you will be removed by any means necessary.

If you “fortify your house”, you’ll get to meet these guys. If you meet these guys, it will get very ugly…for you. And your security deposit won’t be returned, and the landlord can – and should – sue you for the damages you caused them to do.