Have You Ever Beaten Your School Bully?

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Yes. I was a 10-year-old girl. They were two 14-year-old boys. They were much bigger and taller, but they made one big mistake.

(The size difference was similar to the one in the picture. Even more, perhaps)

This is the story:

My school had kids from 2 to 18 years old in the same facilities. 2- to 5-year-olds had different recess schedules, though. But when I was ten and in 6th grade (I started first grade at 4), we shared the playground/sports facilities schedule with kids up to 16 years old.

I was also heavily bullied before this day by most of my classmates. I was the scholarship kid in a pretty fancy private school. They would insult, kick, and push me down the stairs (8 times in 6 years). Teachers did nothing as the other kids were “paying customers,” and I was not. I didn’t want to involve my mother because she was going through a nasty divorce, and I wanted to protect her from more stress. While this school was in the top 5 in the country, the local public schools were terrible, so there was no suitable alternative for me anyway. And I never hit back because although I was taller than most people in my class (Now, as an adult woman, I am 6′1′’), I didn’t want to hurt anybody.

Then, this day came.

These two kids were infamous for bullying anything that moved. Younger kids, mostly, as they were cowards. They had never bothered me before that day but had beaten several of my friends and classmates. But one day, as they started bothering my friends and me, I told them to go away. Their eyes lit up as they approached to beat me, and then they made a foolish mistake: they insulted my mother.

I don’t know what happened inside me. To that point, no one had insulted my mother. I was not allowing my father to insult her; he was a big, 6′4 grown man. These little shitheads were not going to get away with that. At that moment, I didn’t stop to think they were older, taller, stronger, and bigger than me. Or that half the school was afraid of the pair.

I just jumped on them, and it wasn’t pretty.

At some point, I got my ribs bruised by knee kicks by one of them while the other held me. I couldn’t breathe. I learned months later at the doctor that they fractured my ribs that day. I didn’t go to the hospital at the time, as I thought they were only bruised, but they healed themselves well.

They ended up worse.

One had a broken nose and a black eye and was all scratched up with deep scratches. He also had a massive bruise around his neck and spoke in a hoarse voice for weeks, but I am not sure how I did that.

The other had three broken fingers (one in one hand, two in the other) and such a kick in the balls he cried tears. At some point, I also trapped his head on my arm and punched him in the head so hard I had bruises on my hands, but he had a big black bruise on the side of his head for a week.

I also remember kicking one in the stomach when they were on the floor until two teachers arrived and held me.

Because they had started it, I got no punishment or detention. Teachers were mostly shocked. I think the two boys were also quite embarrassed a 10-year-old girl had won and didn’t want to bring too much attention to the fact. But it was too late; dozens of students had seen it (none of which had been willing to defend a younger student from two bullies). The word got around the school. From that moment on, these two did not bother a single soul and kept a very low profile, but they would walk away the moment they saw me.

The best part was that because those two had beaten most of my bullies, my bullies were scared of me, and I was never picked on again. It also taught me that bullying is wrong, but defending yourself is good.

I want to clarify that I am not proud to have put two kids in the hospital. What I did was uncontrolled and a bit of an overkill, but it was an unplanned reaction.

I am, however, proud to have been the first and only to stand up to these two older boys.


Thank you to everyone in the comments for the kind words and for sharing your stories here. I have spent the past two hours going through each comment and trying to reply to as many as possible. You all have truly made my moving-countries-tiring week! Thank you so much!