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Enreeka Nalasco, Substitute Teacher Arrested Several Charges Involving 12-15yrs. Girls

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Enreeka Nalasco, a former substitute teacher from Miami Beach was arrested on several charges, including human trafficking and is accused of giving drugs to adolescent girls in exchange for money and sexual favors.

CBS4 in Miami reports that Nalasco, 32, allegedly used social media to make friends with the student and lure them in.

The former teacher is being accused of giving the victims drugs and vape pens in exchange for money and sexual favors. The girls’ ages range from 11 to 14.

Last March, Miami-Dade Schools Police discovered the teen girls possessing drugs and vape pens. According to the news outlet, the teen girls told police that Nalasco, also known as “Swaggy,” became friends with them on the social media app Snapchat and offered them drugs. The girls then told Miami-Dade Police that he would accept sexual favors instead of cash.

was once a substitute teacher at Miami Beach Senior High School in October 2018. However, through an investigation, he was relieved of duty as a teacher after discovering that he was contacting a student through social media inappropriately.The young girls told the investigators, in detail, how he would reach out to them on social media and sell them drugs.

A 13-year-old suspended for possessing drugs on school grounds said she bought the vape from Nalasco through his social media account “RealSwaggye” on Snapchat.

Another one of Nalasco’s victims, a 12-year-old girl, said he added her on Snapchat after seeing they had mutual friends, and after they met, he sold her a vape pen for $40. The underage student said Nalasco told her he had other drugs and medical marijuana cards for sale; however, when he told her she was pretty and wanted to kiss her, she stopped all contact with him and blocked him on Snapchat.

Another victim, 14, said Nalasco added her on Snapchat and offered to sell her a vape pen for the same price as prior victims, and she agreed to buy it from him. However, when she gave him her home address and he arrived, he allegedly told her to get into the car, and once she did, she said he placed his hand on her thigh and told her she was pretty. The victim said she felt uncomfortable with his actions and blocked him on Snapchat.

Two other girls, 11 and 12, reported that Nalasco offered to sell them drugs for “kisses inside his vehicle.”

An additional 14-year-old girl reported that she purchased items from Nalasco, and he expressed a sexual interest in her.

He booked a hotel room for them for Valentine’s Day in 2020 and then sent her an explicit video. The 14-year-old victim said Nalasco offered drugs and nicotine in exchange for sexual favors and traveled from Hollywood to Miami Beach to have sexual contact with her.

However, a 12-year-old victim said Nalasco sexually battered her after meeting him on Snapchat and agreeing to buy a vape pen. Miami-Dade Police are investigating that incident.

“Miami-Dade County Public Schools is deeply disturbed by the troubling allegations made against this former employee,” according to a statement. “This individual has not been employed with M-DCPS since 2018 and is precluded from seeking future employment with this District.”

Nalasco was taken into custody last week on several charges, including human trafficking, using a computer to travel to meet a minor, unlawful use of a communications device, prohibited computer services involving a child, contributing to the delinquency of a child, providing nicotine to someone under 21 and selling nicotine to minors.

Nalasco is being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center without bond.