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Children To Avoid Sexual Abuse

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1: Warn your daughter or son not to sit on anyone’s lap, no matter the situation, including uncles.

2: Avoid dressing in front of your children from the age of 2.

3. Never allow an adult to refer to your child as “my wife” or “my husband”

4. Whenever your child goes out to play with his friends, be sure to find a way to find out what type of game he plays, because young people abuse themselves sexually. And this is not new…

5. Never have your child visit an adult with whom he is not comfortable, and also consider whether your child becomes a big fan of a particular adult.

6. Once, a very cheerful child suddenly becomes shy. You may need to be patient and cautious, as well as clear up a few questions about why you are behaving.

7. Educate carefully about the correct values of sexuality. If you don’t, society will teach you the wrong values.

8: It is always advisable to review any new material, such as cartoons you just bought from them, before you start watching them.

9. Make sure to enable parental controls on your cable networks and advise your friends, especially your children’s. Visit frequently.

10. Teach your children from 3 years to wash their private parts well and warn them never to allow anyone to touch them (remember, caring begins at home and with you).

11: Keep away any associated materials that you think could endanger your child’s mental health (this includes music, movies, and even friends and family).

12: Once your child complains about a particular person, don’t keep quiet.

Remember, we are the parents who raise future parents.

And remember: “Pain lasts a lifetime”.