Can I Sue My Neighbor For Hosting A BBQ, Because I Am Vegan?

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The smell of burning animal flesh being cooked over open coals must have been especially nauseating for you! There is no excuse for this kind of torture, since your neighbor knew you were a vegan, since vegans tell everybody that they’re vegan.

Frankly, I’m surprised that the odors of roasting meat, the sound of sputtering fat, and the heavy breathing of those partaking didn’t cause you to swoon.

I’m shocked that you peeking over the fence and seeing all those sausages, hamburgers, steaks, chickens, ribs, chops, and various other cuts of meat torn from once-living and happy, carefree animals didn’t cause you to immediately vomit up your the kale shake you had for breakfast!

You need to find a vegan attorney ASAP and sue your neighbors— and all the attendees, butchers, and grocery store clerks involved— for the everlasting damage the very sight of searing muscle tissue, smokey ground meats wrapped in intestinal skins, and sauce-covered meats— an experience from which you will likely never recover!

Sights like these!