Cop Stop Me Cause My Daughter Screaming In The Back Seat

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I got pulled over on the way back home from grabbing McDonald’s with my niece. I was going 12 mph over the speed limit.🚓 As the officer started walking up to my car, I rolled all of my windows down. My adorable and apparently INCREDIBLY smart 7 year old niece started screaming from the backseat “It’s coming out! I can’t hold it any longer! It’s almost here!!!” Now the trooper is HEARING her scream this and he leans in the window and asks her “What’s going on here???” She looks him DEAD IN THE FACE and says “I’ve got poop coming outta my butt!!” He started laughing!😂 I was shocked and embarrassed! He asked how far I had to go, which was about 3 miles home. He told me to drive safe and get Miss Pupu Butt home to do her business. He could NOT stop laughing!😂 As soon as we pulled away I asked “What was that about???”😳 My niece smirked and said “I saw it on YouTube but I didn’t think it would work.” I said “So, you’re not pooping?” She said nope and you’re not in trouble either. This lil girl is my hero!!!