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Two Young Ladies Taking Bus , 4 Men Got On Robbed And Attack Them

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I apologize for the graphic description, but it’s the only way I can bring attention to this issue. Actions like the one I’m about to describe deeply appall me.

I usually try to maintain a positive outlook on things, but there are moments when news like this leaves me with an indescribable sense of emptiness and sadness that, I believe, many of you have also experienced.

In London, specifically, a couple named Melania Geymonat and her partner were out on a date night and decided to take a bus back home because it was getting late. They were just about three stops away from their destination when a group of four intoxicated young individuals boarded the bus.

After a few minutes, these young people began shouting at Melania and her partner, urging them to kiss because they wanted to see some form of affection. However, Melania and her partner refused.

Things took a darker turn as these individuals physically approached the couple, forcibly grabbed their heads, and attempted to make them kiss, leading to a physical altercation. Shockingly, the ordeal didn’t end there. The attackers also robbed Melania and her partner, leaving them without their belongings. When the police finally arrived on the scene, the couple was in this state:

I write this, with tears in my eyes, every time I see the photo I get a mixture of helplessness, anger and wanting to have been there to try to defend them.

That it happened in a city like London, which is open-minded, leaves me perplexed, I really don’t understand how they could have done something like that, being drunk is no excuse, plus there were 4 men against two practically defenseless women.

We have made so much progress, but these types of acts set us back, this one in particular, a lot.

RESPECT and LOVE is what this world needs more than ever.