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America’s Gun Club – What Is The Best Armed Weapon

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Why does the idea of self-defense in 2023 always seem to center on firearms, when in the old days using your fists was enough to neutralize most self- defense situations?

This is the Glock 22, the one pistol that is owned by more “Gangbangers” than any other weapon.

The standard magazine is 15-rounds, and also a 16-round magazine is available. But the “gangbangers” usually carry 22-rounds of .40 S&W ammo.

A “gangbanger” who wants to kill me for the less than $20 in my pocket (I prefer to pay for things on plastic, credit or debit cards are safer and money is protected if lost or stolen), is not going to hit me, he is going to fire a couple of 40 caliber rounds into my body, trying to rip open my abdominal aorta.

This is the number one selling firearm in the United States and is the one preferred by criminals.

When a “gangbanger” shoves one of these up to your skull, try using your fists and see who wins.

If I was a betting man, I would bet against your survival.