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12 Year Old Watches Anime, How Should I React?

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t seems like the answers here are downright toxic and should be deleted. I’m appalled that some of these people are parents.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with watching anime. Would you react in any particular way if you caught him watching a show on Netflix, a cartoon, or a movie? Most likely, the answer is no. Watching anime is exactly the same as watching a movie or a series, except for two details:

  1. It is animated.
  2. It is Japanese.

Here’s why you might hesitate and think: “But isn’t it all just animated porn?”

I understand that that concern, but not all anime is sexualized. Some of it is, yes, it’s a great monetization strategy, so if you happen to walk in and see this:

or this:

That can be disturbing to a mother, but both of these anime are great. They are fun. It’s one scene out of many where there’s skin showing. It’s not the end of the world. We all have bodies.

Anime has some of the greatest plots in film, and most people are missing out because they get turned off by the fact that everything is animated or ‘it looks like it’s a show for kids’. Anime is not just for kids. In Japanese culture, it’s just as accepted and loved as regular movies because of the plots, the art, the sound, everything can be a masterpiece.

Take for instance Attack On Titan. This anime has one of the greatest storylines in any medium, you may even have heard of it since it has become super popular recently. It’s immensely popular, and it doesn’t overuse sexualization. I won’t spoil it for you, but the premise is that big, man-eating titans have forced humans to build enormous walls to protect themselves. You follow a young boy, Eren Jaeger, who dreams of joining the Survey Corp to fight to take back the world from the titans.

Does that sound like something to be concerned about having your child watch?

What’s not to like about a guy who chases his dreams and passion?

Animation is a style of delivery, it’s an art form turned into a successful business that allows writers, artists, animators, and more, come together to create something wonderful.

Anime is not dangerous, it does not have a negative impact on your child’s life. In fact, you should take an interest in what your child is watching. Ask them about it, let them tell you about it, but don’t tell him/her to stop. Learn about it and make an informed decision about what steps to take next. It is no use just rejecting something you know nothing about, just because you are afraid of the things you know nothing about yet.

Don’t be like those horrible parents that say no, and when their kids ask why, they answer: “Because I said so.”

That isn’t a valid excuse. Teach them how to argue their case by arguing your case better. That way, if you have a reason to say no to anime, then they will at least feel that you justified it well.


It is difficult to say what exactly your daughter is watching… but I am inclined to believe that the scenes you have in mind aren’t really “soft porn” but rather what is generally referred to as “ecchi” in the anime world.

Mainly because anime tends to have very little of the former, but quite a lot of the latter.

The difference is that one is downplayed porn, while the other is exaggerated comedic titillation that invariably stops short of being porn. Kind of like Lady Chatterley vs. vintage WW2 pin-up posters.

Unfortunately, ecchi content has been pushing its boundaries in the past decade. There isn’t really more ecchi content in anime today, but it has become somewhat more potent and overt in nature.

I mention this because, as far as the typical ecchi content from 2000–2010 is concerned, I wouldn’t have worried all that much about a 12-year old watching that.

Back then it was largely about panty shots, bath-towel scenes, very brief nudity and plenty of “accidentally” lewd comedic situations—that were erotically tinged, but in which neither of the characters involved intended to engage in anything sexual.

Today… it’s a bit more tricky than that. I mean yes, most ecchi is still pretty harmless, and the scenes are still played for laughs.

But by now, there are also a few exceptions—ecchi titles where at least one side acts out the situations (seemingly) fully and consciously intending to engage in sexual acts. Perhaps ironically, this is now usually the girl being assertive and the boy being hesitant/dumbstruck, or even actively trying escape.

This never goes anywhere, of course.

Even if you see scenes like that, you can rest assured that content in ecchi titles will not proceed into actual porn territory. As in “characters performing any kind of conscious sexual acts on each other.” Shows like that exist, but you won’t find them on YouTube—because they get deleted faster than you can say terms of service.

As for the “rest”… well.

You probably won’t like hearing this, but unless your daughter has grown up very sheltered (for example, without any unmonitored access to a smartphone, tablet or PC), chances are she has already seen far worse than whatever ecchi anime can possibly throw at her.

Yes, ecchi anime is lewd. But that’s all it is. It neither veers into actual porn territory, nor does it promote promiscuity or sexual violence.If in doubt, talk to her.

Explain to her that the setups in anime stem from a cultural context very different from your own (Japan), and that they are deliberately unrealistic on top of that. In the sense that she needs to be aware that people in real life don’t act like that. Neither in Japan nor elsewhere.

Personally, I would particularly mention that scene dynamic of “girl pushes a series of outrageously sensual situations on boy, boy shrinks back, and it’s all so funny” that is so pervasive in today’s ecchi comedy series. Because chances are that if she ever tries that shtick with someone of her general age range, things may not end with the boy running away.

idk if this is a troll or what. but i’ll answer anyways.

  1. leave him the hell alone and let him watch anime. is he bothering you by gaining some entertainment? then fuck off
  2. let people enjoy things. if he, or in fact anyone in general, likes to do something (as long it doesn’t harm anyone) then let them do it. don’t ruin it for them.
  3. you’re never too old to watch anime. it’s addictive and cool as fuck.
Divyank Mukherjee

Hey! It seems like you are having concerns with your daughter watching anime, I don’t know if you will read my answer, but I will try to help you out.

Well, for starters, WHAT is anime-

You probably do know but im going to explain it anyway, so anime ks basically Japanese cartoons, but for all age groups, there are different anime for different age groups, for example-

Kids anime.

And then, teenager anime—

And this ☝️is the most targeted audience, which also includes your daughter.

Now, there are a different section of teenager targeted anime, meant for 16+, which contains “soft p*rn”.(not going to include pictures obviously)

Now , the anime targeted for teenagers (one with pictures)

Has variety, some have suggestive s*xual content, but nothing direct, some have gore,eg-2nd pic I provided.

They are also for mature audiences, and come with strong messages, which inspires, or drives people.

As for your daughter watching 16+ anime, she probably got curious , and watched them, you also have to realisw, that watching those anime is way better than watching inappropriate videos online, so it should be good, but some of these 16+ anime also have some scenes, but with mostly a plot and storyline.

Thank you for your time, I hope this helps you understand, and if you have further concerns, then please comment the name of the anime she is watching, and I will probably know if it can be viewed by her or not.

So uhm… (gore warning)

Anime is for little kids?

Im sorry but, very few animes are for little kids.

You think that is for little kids? hell It would probably scare one half to death.

Not every anime is like that though I mean there’s some for little kids like pokemon and whatever but those arent just for little kids. Some animes are just cute

There’s nothing wrong with liking cute anime or scary anime. Even if your child doesn’t like scary anime and just watches cute anime there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe they like ecchi anime and if they do there’s nothing wrong with that

Do you know how much work and effort is put into anime?

Anime can be insanely beautiful and its more than just a “cartoon”


I dont own any of these images/gifs


My 20 year old son introduced me to animes early this year. I initially watched with him in order to share one of his interests. Now I’m hooked. And I’m over 50 so…..

Not a movie, but a book.

I was about 10 years old, in a bookstore, in a mall, in Los Angeles. This was in the late 1970s

This bookstore had a display of “The Joy of Sex” I naturally picked up a copy and started thumbing through the pages looking at all of the pictures.

A lady. I’m not sure if she was a customer or an employee of the bookstore came up beside me, silently removed the book from my hands, closed it, gave me a stern look, then set it back on the pile of books, and wordlessly walked away.

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Am I a bad parent for letting my 12-year-old daughter watch adult shows? It’s the only thing that interests her and I make sure nothing’s too graphic.

I’m quite sure that she can handle them and you make sure that if she has any questions, you’re able to answer them. You’re not a bad parent. You are letting your daughter grow up toward becoming an adult.