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Who Will Pay My Bills While In Rehab

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No-one is supposed to control her finances and pay her bills. I had a friend who was in psychiatric hospital for three years because I found out that her psychiatrist had her on twelve different medications. I told her there is no way she should be on that many psychiatric meds and that the next time she sees her psychiatrist to dump them on his desk. She did so and he asked what this was. She told him all the medications you have me on. She told him a friend told me to dump them on your desk as she didn’t think I should be on so many. He said your friend was right there is no way you should be on so many. He hadn’t realized he had her on so many and immediately hospitalized her (as I said she was there for 3 years.) The hospital picked up the tab for the hospitalization when they learned it was because of malpractice; as they did not want to be sued. During that time she had bills sent to her home that was obviously not paid and accumulated late fees as a result. After she got discharged, she contacted all the companies that sent her bills and added late fees and explained the situation and each and every one of them waived the late fees once she sent them official documentation that she was inpatient for three years. She then paid her original debt.

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