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Uvalde, Texas – Law Enforcement

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Uvalde, Texas – Law enforcement officers who were at the scene are receiving backlash for doing nothing while barricading parents outside the school and preventing them from entering in order to save their children. Meanwhile, some of these same officers allegedly slipped in before that to rescue their own.

Keep in mind that some angry parents were pepper-sprayed and even tackled by these same police for trying to enter the school without permission in order to get their children out of there.

One police officer told the media that he did, in fact, enter Robb Elementary School beforehand in order to save his children. He added that he was joined by several other officers who did the same “because it was an active shooter situation.”

“It’s a terrible situation right now and just as we mentioned the loss of life,” the officer added in an attempt to justify these actions. “It’s a terrible, terrible tragedy that took place.”

Did Uvalde police really wait until a key arrived in order to neutralize the shooter?

It is a terrible, terrible tragedy that may not have been so tragic had police officers done something to try to stop it. Instead, they stood outside like guards and blocked parents from getting to their children who were locked inside.

Witnesses offered accounts of conflicting information they were given from different officers about why they were idly moseying about instead of doing their jobs. One of them said he needed help unlocking a door, even though the shooter had already entered through that same door.

Some officers claimed that there were already officers “going in to get kids,” while others seemed to be oblivious to the situation.

“There was not sufficient manpower at that time, and their primary focus was to preserve any further loss of life,” argued Lt. Chris Olivarez in defense of the officers’ behavior.

“They started breaking windows around the school and trying to rescue, evacuate children and teachers while that was going on.”

It took about an hour before police eventually forced themselves inside the classroom where the shooter was said to be hiding out. Like with many other shootings, they reportedly killed the shooter immediately.

In the comment section at Natural News, someone wrote that this latest shooting was clearly “staged” to “lock the shooter in to let him do maximum damage.”

“Those in power own the media. They can do whatever they want and the truth will never get reported,” wrote another. “This was likely another psy-op by a traitorous government. They can’t go full authoritarian until they have taken our guns.”

Another wrote that this entire thing “sounds just like Sandy Hook, a false flag.”

“The Uvalde CISD Police Department hosted an ‘Active Shooter Course’ at the school to take place March 21, 2022 from 8-5,” responded another with unconfirmed information. “The whole ‘shooting’ was staged two months ago. It was a drill later sold as the real thing.”

Someone else questioned whether or not all of the “police officers” on site were even the real thing, “or were they just extras?”

“I would think the police would break down the door instead of waiting for a key,” said another. “They didn’t go in until the key arrived. The door is apparently more valuable than human lives.”

“The country is falling apart and being destroyed as we watch,” wrote someone else.

As more news about the Uvalde shooting comes our way, we will keep you informed about it at Shootings