The Gantt Report – Only the Poor

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By Lucius Gantt

Many Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives have threatened to vote against raising the country’s debt limit.

The U.S. debt is almost always more than trillions of dollars. There are two ways to decrease debt, cut spending or increase taxes.

I don’t know what Congress will do but I do know that the Republicans currently serving in the house are not the most trustworthy elected officials in Washington, D.C.

I also know House Republicans go out of their way to please twice impeached and accused law-breaker Donald Trump and his Russian comrade, Vladimir Putin. Trump and Putin love to see the United States in disarray, divided, and dismantled.

The Gantt Report – Only the Poor

African Americans possibly have more debt than most of the other ethnic groups in the country.

If the political infighting over the national debt results in economic chaos and hardship in the United States, America’s wealthy will board their yachts or jump on their jet planes and travel to their island homes, their European mansions, or their secret South American hideaways.

When times get hard in the United States, only the poor man, or woman, will feel it!

If you go to any Black neighborhood in the United States, you’ll find one or more of the following, financial redlining that denies poor people access to loans and capital, political gerrymandering that limits election opportunities for many qualified Black and minority candidates, you’ll find grocery deserts, pharmacy deserts, bad streets, poor housing, unaffordable and poor health care choices, poorly funded educational institutions, and more.

In the poor neighborhood, you’ll also find that rent prices are going up, gas prices are going up, childcare prices are going up, utility prices are going up, cable TV prices are going up and pricing for funerals and burials have gone up.

One day, probably after I’m dead and gone, Black people will realize no one will truly help us but us!