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Why The Old Testament Doesn’t Mention Pyramids Because?

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Way The Old Testament Doesn’t mention the Pyramids.

With all due respect to the other answers, there is a very simple reason why the pyramids are not mentioned in the Old Testament. It’s the same reason that the Old Testament doesn’t mention the Grand Canyon or the Great Wall of China: none of the action of the Old Testament takes place at or near the Giza plateau. The closest the Hebrews ever came to the pyramids (in the biblical narrative) were the cities of Pi-Ramses and Pithom, roughly 80 miles north of the Great Pyramid. Also because their actual dates of construction would go against the “official” 4000 and some “years” that the entire Universe is told to have existed so far.  The Old Testament story tellers and later, writers, were never near the pyramids, In the 3000 to 1,200 BCE time period Egypt ruled up into Israel and Syria